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Baking For Red Nose Day

Some friends of mine held a bake sale on Friday to raise money for Red Nose Day, although I didn’t help with the baking this time around I certainly helped to fill the money pot and bought some lovely cakes for desserts.

They all put is such a huge effort I just had to put together a quick layout about them.  I decided to keep it simple and stick to the three colours from the Red Nose Day logo – red, white and black.  I’ve used plain white and black card with a sheet of The Sweetest Thing “Blossom” paper by My Mind’s Eye.  I also used the little slips of paper that came with the red noses down the side as added embellishments and cut the letters from some black card.

 Scrapbook layout: Red Nose Day Cakes


It’s an easy layout to do, first I had to cut the paper that came with the red noses do that I could arrange them down the side of the page and be read easily.  I then measured the shapes and cut a strip of black card that was a few millimetres wider to give a nice border.  One of the shapes also had the Red Nose Day date on it so I made sure I included that.  I then glued them into place running down the strip of  card.

After printing out the photos to the size I wanted (I chose 9 x 13 cm) I layered them onto some spare red card.


attaching photos 1

I used double sided tape to stick the photos to the card, if you peel all the backing paper off the tape and then try to position the photos you have to get it right first time – I’m never able to get it right first time!  So, I peel off just the corners first to create little tabs and carefully position the photos where I want them to be.


Make sure, when you place the photos on the card that the little tabs of backing paper are sticking out where you can reach them.



attaching photos 2

By gently pressing down, the tape holds the photos in place until I’m happy with how they’ve been positioned.

If the photos are not straight then you can gently pull them off the card and reposition them.

Once you’re happy the photos are in the right place, press down a little harder on the corners to make sure they don’t move.  Then gently pull on the little tabs of backing paper, these should pull free, press along each edge to make sure the photo is secure.



I then cut a strip of Blossom paper that was about 2cm wider than the photo panel, I stuck the black strip on the left hand side of the white 12 x 12 card and stuck the strip of Blossom paper next to it.

The photo panel was attached towards the bottom of the Blossom paper.

Using a piece of red foam I cut out a circle for the centre of the main title, then cut out the lettering from the left-over black card. The title was arranged above the photos over the join between the Blossom paper and the white backing card. I used a wet glue to hold the lettering in place as that was the easiest thing to do.  You could use Glossy Accents to make the title stand out a bit more or Stickles to add sparkle to the page, especially on the flower centres.

To finish the page off I added a handwritten subtitle and journalling in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

If you took part in activities for Red Nose Day I’d love to hear about them!

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