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What is a Scraplift?

A ‘scraplift‘ is taking another person’s scrapbook page design and copying the layout and position of all the papers and embellishments but using your own photos and stash to do so.

In the two examples below we will look at a scrapbook page and how we have used the layout to create a scraplift page.

Original Scrapbook Layout

Hang About

In the example below I’ve taken a layout, entitled “Hang About”, that I completed several years ago using papers and stickers by Basic Grey.

Scrapbook layout titled 'Hang About'

I’ve used bands of papers and trims across the page.  The pink trim across the top of the page is actually the negative stickers left over from another sticker trim.  I have to admit it was a bit fiddly as I had to take the tiny ‘hole’ left over from the swirls and carefully position them on the page.

Top Tip: use the left overs from sticker sheets to create even more stickers.

I have framed the photo with a circle and I’ve used a journalling sticker on the bottom right corner of the photo.  The chipboard letters forming the title are arranged around the circle.  I have then cut out some shapes from the patterned paper to use as embellishments.  The bird has been positioned so that it looks like it’s perched on the lettering to draw your eye to the title.

bird embellishment

I have taken a flower embellishment and positioned to the right of the page towards the top.  This forms a triangle with the bird and the journaling sticker which draws your eye around the page.

Scraplift Layout

Now we will take the design from the Hang About page and create a new, scraplift page with totally diffferent papers and embellishments.

Trucks & Polish

In “Trucks & Polish” I’ve recreated the same layout, this time using papers from My Minds Eye.

 Scrapbook layout titled 'Trucks & Polish'

As you can see a scraplift doesn’t have to run in the same direction, because my photo is portrait rather than landscape.  I’ve turned the layout by 90° so that everything is going down the page instead of across it.  However, everything is still in the same position, the patterned paper runs down one side and then I’ve sewn some thread down the other side in place of the fancy trim from “Hang About”.

flower embellishment

The flower embellishment has been cut by hand from a spare piece of the patterned paper then stuck in place using silicone glue for added dimension

distress detail

To help give the viewer a feel of how dirty you get at truck shows I’ve ‘dirtied’ the page by gently rubbing ink pads around the edges


Top Tip: cut your own embellishments from patterned paper.

The photo is still placed within a circle and the embellishments are still lined up with the trim.  The journaling block has also moved with the layout so that it is at the bottom left of the photo.

If you were to turn this new layout anti-clockwise by 90° you’d see that it is almost exactly the same.  The only slight different is that the two sets of embellishments have been shifted to the left slightly (oops!).  That doesn’t matter though, these little changes are what makes the layout unique to you.

You can of course go totally wild and change everything about the layout, the idea is that the original layout gives you a starting point for your page.

Why don’t you try scraplifting my layout – tag us in Instagram or Twitter @GorgeousCrafts, it’d be great to see what you come up with!


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